PM security @ child’s life

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

An Innocent child “Aman” lost his life after he was stopped by police on his way to hospital. It happened while his parent’s were on their way to admit the boy after he met an accident. Police said to his parents that they can’t go to hospital  because of  the PM ‘s security. At the spot police also ignored that a wounded child was in vehicle. It’s not the way if These policemen can’t handle  such a situation. Police was able to bring the child to the hospital, but they didn’t. This is the our society and Government insensitive and brutal to common man.

This is not the first time, same incidents happened earlier also. When the terrorists attack at the parliament they get surprised with open mouths and when an innocent person is at the brink of life threat they show how vigilant are they.

It’s very very serious issue, see how Govt.  reacts.


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