India Against Curruption – Support ANNA HAZARE in his campaign to bring down the Corruption

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Myself

Hi to all my subscribers and to all whoever is reading !

I humbly Request you  all Indians to support ANNA’S  fast unto death and his great campaign against Corruption.

This is time we can be a part of a new Independence Revolution and this time we can fight with means of  Non – Violence  and could create a better ambiance for everyone because corruption eats everyone whatever is your religion, caste.

So be an Independent Indian and support team Anna .

Your views are kindly requested please spread this message to all your friends and colleagues and family members as we know If India is strong so we are , If India is corrupt so we are , If India will prosper so we will and if India is affected by social diseases  I am the first Victim – Think – Support – Be part of it.

Jai Hind

Jai Bharat

We don’t need a weak LOKPAL

We need a strong LOKPAL so that no ore Kalmadis can even think of looting our beautiful Country.

Please support .

  1. BHASKARAN K says:

    I strongly support Shri Anna Ji for strugle against curruption.

    Jai Hind.

  2. akshay says:

    i m supporting annaji..strongly

  3. shakeel mathura says:

    . sarkar kitne anna hazaron ko pakdegi i am strongly support anna hzare

  4. nitesh singh says:

    we all youth and children frm our last heart beat give support u. Jai hind. Jai bharat.

  5. jayendra n. shah says:

    I want to make the point about corruption at lower level of the govt. offices; like ration carg office, driving lic. office, passport office, muncipal office, regn. of property office. These are the offices where common people have to go and get their work done. If these offices are kept open on Saturday and Sunday then common people can go and get their work done without giving any bribe. Why most of the common peroson pay bride because they don’t have time to go govt. office/dept on the working days to get their job done.

  6. Ravi Pandey says:

    I can say that no one can say that they are unaffected of curruption, axept those who are in power like politicians and officers. So my innocent countrymans please wake up and support Anna who dedicating his present for our curruptionfree future, if we want to provide our children a brightfull tomarrow than it’s right time to stand with Anna and through out curruption from root. JAI HIND & SALUTE TO ANNA

  7. kukkumol says:

    A humble request to the elective members of the country. Kindly see, think and work for the bettermen of citizens as per the day to day changing situation and not to stick with one point ie. your dignity. Regular changes are the principle of Almighty / nature we have to live accordingly.

  8. ASHISH HOOD says:


  9. Gaurav gupta says:

    Jai hind,jai curruption free bharat

  10. Rahulsdeshmukh says:

    I supports this

  11. pramodkumar says:

    anna tum hamare liyebhut important ho.isiliye app apna khyal rakhiye pura desh apke saath hai.

  12. sreedhar says:

    Watch Anna HAzare Must Watch animation…I did for Anna HAzare

  13. amit narayan says:

    From my openion,india is a country which the people of india lives and corruption eats everyone.i request you to sucess in aim.

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